We discover the stories the world is telling about your brand, and the stories YOU should be telling.

Brand Intelligence – Your brand and its future are being defined everyday by the stories the world is telling about it. We discover those stories and, more importantly, why they are being told.

Brand Strategy -The stories you should be telling.℠

Leaders, marketers and communication professionals — we show you the brand stories you should be telling, and why you should be telling them.

These may not be the stories you’re used to. We’ve found that the stories audiences intuitively value and trust are rooted in the ones they tell themselves daily about how the world works, often subconsciously — what we call a “Guiding Narrative®.” The stories they internalize are those based on, and in sync with, this Guiding Narrative.

Metro Tribal has developed an approach that discovers and validates the Guiding Narrative that drives behavior, and with it the utility the narrative assigns specifically to your products, services, message, or brand. With this insight, we can show you which stories you should be telling to which groups. Whether the story is long or short-form, or is contained in ads, web copy, press releases, social media posts, on-boarding, speeches, presentations, pitches, emails, texts, or just plain cocktail party conversation.

As a result of our working together, you gain a customer-centric paradigm that informs both your marketing and company culture.  You gain confidence that at any given time the brand story you’re promoting is one your audience finds compelling and vital in the context of their daily experience. Most importantly, you gain the tools for a sustainable, authentic connection between you, your staff, your customers, and your brand, a mix that is imperative if you wish to sustain and increase lifetime customer value for your company or be regarded as a market leader.

Marketing Firm? No — not quite.

Business person standing against the blackboard with a lot of data written on itMetro Tribal is neither a marketing firm nor an advertising agency.

We are a hybrid team of ethnographic researchers and brand communication specialists focused on Brand Intelligence and Strategy.

Our mission is to use behavioral science to bridge the gap that often exists between deep customer insight and deep customer communication. We support business owners, product designers, marketers, ad agencies, sales, and other communication professionals as they tell brand stories to position their products and services.

Our field-based, observational research process, in which ethnographers spend intimate time with customers and employees in their natural environments and capture life in nuanced video and virtual reality, enables us to gain access to the internal code these groups use to filter information and make decisions in specific contexts. Knowing this code is critical to engaging successfully with your audience, particularly over time as market dynamics change.

But even more importantly, we then help you encode your company’s behavior and communication in a way that connects directly with the story customers and employees tell themselves about the world every moment of every day when making choices. We call ourselves a “story development agency.”

Deep insight fuses with deep communication. The stories you tell become more powerful, meaningful, and successful. Think of us as providing the finest building blocks available for the most brilliant and effective campaigns you will create.