Marketers, Brand Managers, Advertising, PR and Sales Professionals – Storytellers:

Are you telling your customers the right story?

(Are you telling yourselves the right story?)

We’ve discovered a proven, research-based story development process, one that is coded so that customers will find the product and brand stories you create to be personally compelling, meaningful, and useful — even tribal.


Your customer's internal narrative

We discover the narrative your customers use to frame the world and the internal code they use to filter information and make life choices.


Stories that connect you to your customers

We create a story with the code that binds you to your audience’s narrative and powers the development of social, sales, communications and promotional content.


The right stories with the right audience

We uniquely parse and target your trusted stories across owned, earned, paid and direct channels using a combination of predictive analytics and story-based segmentation.

Marketing Firm? No — not quite.

Business person standing against the blackboard with a lot of data written on itMetro Tribal is neither a marketing firm nor an advertising agency.

We are a hybrid team of ethnographic researchers and brand communication specialists. Our mission is to use behavioral science to bridge the gap that often exists between deep customer insight and deep customer communication. We support business owners,  product designers, marketers, ad agencies, sales, and other communication professionals as they tell brand stories to position their products and services.

Our field-based, observational research process, in which ethnographers spend intimate time with customers in their natural environments and capture life in nuanced video and virtual reality, enables us to gain access to the internal code customers use to filter information and make decisions in specific contexts. Knowing this code is critical to engaging successfully with customers, particularly over time as market dynamics change. But even more importantly, we then help you encode your company’s behavior and communication in a way that connects directly with the story customers tell themselves about the world every moment of every day when making choices. We call ourselves a “story development agency.”

Deep insight fuses with deep communication. The stories you tell become more powerful, meaningful, and successful. Think of us as providing the finest building blocks available for the most brilliant and effective campaigns you will create.