Marketers, Brand Managers, and Sales Professionals: Here’s how your brand will become important to your customers . . .

Every ad, every social media post, every sales pitch, even packaging  — tells a story about your products and brand. But not all stories make sense to your customers. The story you’re telling may even turn your customers off. You want the story you’re telling to be important to your customers. Compelling. But you don’t have a way of trusting that it is.

We solve that problem for you. We use proprietary ethnographic techniques to surface and reconstruct the internal narrative your customers use to make sense of the world, your brand included. The story they are telling themselves — a filter of sorts —  when deciding to buy or not buy, to support or not support your brand, or a competitor’s.

We then discern a communication “code” based on this customer narrative you can use for all of your messaging.  As a result, the story you tell about your brand in all of your communications — ads, web content, sales pitches — will be consistent and will be coded to affirm what your customers value and how they see the world. It will penetrate their filter as something they recognize will advance their goals. It will naturally win their loyalty and support.

At all times, you will know that the story you decide to tell your customers is one they will care about and will want to share.

We produce a communication code that helps ensure your brand becomes and remains important to your customers.


Your customer's internal narrative

We discover the narrative your customers use to frame the world and make life choices. 


Stories that connect you to your customers

We create a story that binds you to your audience’s narrative and powers the development of social, sales, communications and promotional content.


The right stories with the right audience

We uniquely parse and target your trusted stories across owned, earned, paid and direct channels using a combination of predictive analytics and story-based segmentation.

Are you waiting for results?

Business person standing against the blackboard with a lot of data written on itYou don’t have to wait. Learn about our Action Science Marketing™ methodology.

An innovative combination of ethnographic research and customer-centric storytelling uniquely packaged within a series of ongoing monthly deliverables.