Building Tribes. Building brands.

Same thing.

Our goal is to enable you to understand your customers so intimately on a sub-cultural level that you can build and maintain a tribe around your brand, products and/or services, with your brand as a meaningful, central symbol and you as the tribal leader. We develop a dashboard you can use to engage your customers in a such a way that they are eager to participate in a sustainable, viral marketing effort on your behalf because they view doing so as in their best interests.

This is when your brand becomes a tribal brand — one that reflects the values and enhances the identity of an individual or group.  What would it mean to you to create a tribal brand? It would mean that your customers, employees, and affiliates utilize it to promote their own values and to further associate certain values with their identify.  Consequently, they promote your brand as a purposeful, meaningful symbol of their own existence.

The Holy Grail of marketing is to have your customers integrate your brand into their culture so that they see it in their best interests to promote it as a symbol — or utilize it.

Think Apple. Think Beyonce. Gatorade, Nike.  What brands do you see that are utilized daily as personal or group symbols and therefore enthusiastically promoted?

When you have a map of how your target market’s culture operates, as well as the culture that may be forming around your brand in particular, you have a lot of questions answered when designing products, marketing campaigns, and promotional messages.  You can design your products and your marketing to move your brand to the point of utilization within a target group.  At this point, you will have produced a tribal brand, and customers, employees, and affiliates will eagerly promote your brand and products for you.