Initial Brand Power and Sustainability Measurement
We use ethnographic and socio-cultural research methods to isolate the meaning your brand has within a particular target market, or group of target markets.  Ultimately, this analysis provides a map that enables you to see the meaning your brand has within your target markets, along with those of your competitors.  This map provides a view of how sustainable your brand is based on your current branding approach.  This analysis works hand in hand with our Tribal Culture-Based Brand Guide, which can help you to establish a desired position within your tribe once you’ve seen where you currently stand.  See our proprietary approach to measuring brand position and sustainability in target markets called Brand Ethnographics™.

Ongoing Brand Monitoring and Brand Guide Updates
We monitor the evolving beliefs, values, and norms of your tribe and the relationship it has with your brand as a sub-cultural symbol.  We update your brand guide to reflect changes in your target market and consequently changes you should be making to your branding efforts.

Ongoing Brand Power and Sustainability Measurement
We monitor and map the evolving meaning your brand has for target markets along with that of your competitors.  We update your view of where your brand stands and any change in that status over time.  We also isolate reasons for any changes in position so you can make necessary adjustments to your branding efforts.

Sales/Marketing  Metaphor
Because or research focuses on the cultural life of employees and customers, we are able to surface and explain the way in which these groups organize their world and thoughts.  Knowing this, we are able to isolate for you different “metaphors” or examples your sales staff can use to most effectively communicate the value of your products and services.  People feel confident in adopting products or services when they can understand, in language or images they themselves would use, what products and services are and can accomplish for them.  This is especially true when you are selling niche products or complicated technology services, for example.  Armed with the proper metaphors and images, your sales staff will be able to build rapport with customers much more rapidly and effectively.  This is true also internally when attempting to have employees get on the “same page” with respect to the value proposition of your offerings.

We also provide a host of “traditional” market research services, each infused with a sensibility about how products and services are defined in the context of tribal life:

  • surveys (online, phone, mobile, paper, intercept)
  • focus groups (facility-based, natural environment, online)
  • conjoint analysis
  • in-depth interviewing
  • participant-observation
  • ethnographic fieldwork and sub-cultural analysis
  • in-depth online community interaction and analysis
  • web “listening” and content aggregation
  • instant video feedback
  • secondary research (media, databases, reports, public domain information aggregation and analysis)

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