Building the Modern Tribe

Most importantly, if you are successful, YOU will form a tribe around your organization, brand, product, or service.  Your customers will feel they are members of a tribe with your brand as the central symbol and you as the tribal leader.  

The word “tribe” sounds old and aboriginal to most of us — something perhaps out of a National Geographic magazine or a college Anthropology textbook.  But a tribe is best understood as a group of people bound together outside any formal organization by common beliefs, values, and social customs or rules.  In other words, what binds them together is not necessarily a company, nation, or even demographic category (e.g. 18-39 year olds) but rather something significant that is shared.  Usually, what is shared has to do with something each individual values greatly and finds that by associating with others who share the same passions they will increase the chance what they value will persist and thrive.

You can identify and build a tribe around your brand.  That tribe will become your most powerful marketing tool.