Our Tribal Customer Guide is a research-based online/mobile tool you can use to explore ideas and make critical product design, branding, customer service and marketing decisions.  The Tribal Guide provides you with the following:

      1. A comprehensive description, illustration, and mapping of the life and culture of your target customers and the customers that identify most with your brand and products.  This depiction, complete with narrative and video,  shows how and why customer make choices in the context of everyday life and why they would or would not cluster around your brand as a meaningful symbol.  It also addresses the culture you create around your brand and the extent to which you successfully or unsuccessfully integrate, or socialize, potential customers into a tribe built around your brand.
      2. A diagram of how your products and messages coming from you, your organization and other sources are interpreted, communicated, and acted upon in your target audiences (Tribes).
      3. A list of your organization’s behaviors (messaging, marketing, advertising  product development, packaging, etc.) that are aligned with what is valued in your target audiences and those that are misaligned, along with specific actions you can take to bring your behaviors into positive alignment.
      4. A map of how to most effectively position your brand and products against competitors
      5. A method you can use to envision how every decision you make regarding product development, customer service training, and marketing will play out in the life of your employees and customers before you make them.
      6. Instructions on how the Tribal Customer Guide can reduce risk and reduce overall market and organizational research expenditures.

We can show you how The Guide, based on a deep understanding of employee and customer culture,  reduces risk in product development and marketing, reduces dependence on a number of different and likely expensive  market research activities, and can enhance your ability to consistently position your products and brand optimally in a rapidly changing marketplace.  We can also show you how The Guide can help facilitate a host of internal communication and management successes based on an understanding of the values and norms that shape how leaders and employees see the world, the organization, as well as its products and services.

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