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Guiding Narrative® is a Metro Tribal concept at the heart of the customer insight and brand development services we deliver our clients. In today’s overcrowded marketplaces, the clearest and most trusted voice belongs to the customer. We help brands cut through the noise to identify and connect with their customers. Our approach is unique: we help you discover, craft and place stories that reflect the narratives customers create for themselves. The result is increased customer knowledge, a deep well of trusted stories and an improved sense of how to match the right stories to the right marketing channels. Ultimately, you win customers over to your brand. And keep them.


Unlike traditional market research, which seeks answers to specific marketing questions, our approach to customer insight uses ethnographic methods to discover and articulate the internal narrative that dictates how customers see and organize the world — their Guiding Narrative.


The DISCOVER phase ensures that you can be confident you know your customer and segmentation because they are based on your customers’ own assumptions, beliefs, values, and social norms.


Unlike traditional market positioning, which attempts to define a brand’s distinctiveness, we translate the customer narrative into story forms that emphasize the customer’s distinctiveness, while seamlessly infusing your brand into each form.


The CRAFT phase ensures that what we discover about your customer’s own narrative is maintained and developed to power an ongoing, integrated set of marketing and sales initiatives.


Unlike traditional market planning, which focuses on a mix of paid advertising, promotion and public relations, we help you parse and place stories simultaneously across owned (web site, blog), earned (social media, press), paid (ads), and direct (live) channels. We also use predictive analytic modeling to ensure that the right stories are shared with the right customers.

The PLACE phase ensures that you match the right aspects of your story, delivered in the most effective way, to the right customer channel in order to communicate accurately and authentically.