Consumer Trust


Why do consumers want to do business with some companies and not others?

A 100-year-old non-profit brand with established niche in facilitating business reviews and business-consumer interactions wanted to know.

The organization needed to modernize its brand in the face of new technologies that were encroaching on its niche and replacing it in the marketplace increasingly among younger generations. The brand had been well-known and well regarded among an older audience that relied upon it before new technologies provided substitutes that appear more accessible to younger audiences.

Guiding Narrative research was used to determine the core of why today’s consumers want to do business with certain companies and not others. This insight led to a discovery –a formula –that determines how any company can increase trust with, and increase loyalty from, its buying audience.

This formula has become the basis for building new life and meaning around the brand as it enables the organization to tell a story that connects with how a modern audience decides who it wants to do business with –the story they tell themselves about positive. Business experiences. Being able to tell a modern story a modern audience connects with alters the position of the brand and allows a new audience to connect with the brand itself in ways it would not otherwise.