Guiding Narrative®

Guiding Narrative® is a Metro Tribal concept
at the heart of the customer insight and brand development services
we deliver our clients.

Building a Brand?

If you are successful, your customers define your brand as a vehicle to amplify their values in daily life.

So the future of your brand depends on the stories you tell about it.

Bicycle Guiding Narrative
Man Thinking

Are You Telling The Right Stories?

It’s hard to know what story will connect and resonate with each of your audience segments.

Most market research tells us what our audience thinks and does, but not why, leaving us to guess about what they truly value and trust.

What if there were a BluePrint?

A guide to what your audience values and trusts?

A blueprint that showed you the kinds of stories about your brand that your audience would embrace and promote.

Metro Tribal Blue Print

There is.

We tell ourselves a story about how the world works, and how to survive and succeed in it. This story tells us what to value, what to trust, and what to promote.

At Metro Tribal, we call this internal story— this blueprint — a Guiding Narrative.

And we’ve developed a way to surface and reconstruct it for our clients.

You might say we’ve disrupted brand communication.