Customer rapport in real time.

KindredTools™ by Metro Tribal provides the world's first marketing and sales SaaS platform that can tailor your communication to the Guiding Narrative® your customers use to make decisions.

Competing for Customers?

Today's customers want to trust and connect.

youth against the wall

Are You Building Trust and rapport?

Quickly enough?

Customers look very early in a relationship for a connection. Are you confident you know how to connect and build that trust?

What if you learned just what to say?

From an online tool or directly from your CRM.

The language to use.
The stories to tell.
The values to reinforce.

Metro Tribal Team Working
Metro Tribal Kindred Platform

You can. In one simple step.

KindredTools™ is a software-as-service platform that gives you the right language and stories to tell each customer.

Language and storytelling that rapidly build connection, rapport and trust.

You simply answer a small set of questions (web, mobile) and Kindred delivers the information you need, instantly.