How do new mom’s decide if they are “good moms?”

A successful baby carrier brand knew it needed a meaningful segmentation of its market, despite years of promising growth. Several new competitors were entering the market, and the ability among new moms to distinguish between product designs, and brands, was narrowing.

We were able to deliver a segmentation scheme based on 3 dominant sub-narratives that distinguishes how different moms view their primary role in raising a child.

These three sub-narratives define the value of a baby carrier differently in that it has a different utility for different definitions of what a “good mom”does.

This learning forms the basis for the brand’s ability to tell three different stories about moms and the company’s carriers, thus cementing a brand connection for each sub-group of moms far stronger than if the brand told a “general”story about moms and the brand.

The brand began internally using the segmentation as a lens to more fully empathize and connect with moms on the mom’s terms. This level of empathy also led to new product ideas and the refinement of product features.