Your brand. Your storytelling.

The culture code for your marketplace.

Our proprietary approach to audience insight ensures you always tell the right stories to the right people. Stories that optimally position your brand to remain culturally relevant.

What We do.


We discover the culture code for your marketplace that determines what your customers value and what they don't, which brands are "insider" brands and which are "outsider" brands, and why.


We segment your audience by this culture code (different segments have different codes) and specify stories you should use to engage each segment. We also pinpoint how and where to intersect with each segment properly in the flow of daily life.


We provide a Story Development Library so each member of your organization knows how to tell the right stories to the right people at all times. Your storytelling is coordinated and culturally relevant.

We offer our clients a remarkable ability to intersect with audiences

in their daily lives in a way that builds and maintains brand loyalty.


Identify the brand you or your organization currently communicates to the public and any inconsistencies across your communication vehicles.


Reconstruct your audience’s Guiding Narrative® (the story the audience tells itself about the world and how it works), by audience segment.


Create an online Story Development Library that contains, for each audience segment:

  • Video Interviews Depicting Audience Guiding Narrative
  • Audience Guiding Narrative
  • The “Decision Code" 
  • Key Language 
  • Questions to ID segment membership
  • Story Themes


Track the story the marketplace tells about your brand and reputation.


Revise your Insight + Storytelling library to reflect the evolution of your audience’s Guiding Narrative.


Employ our own complement of brand storytelling partners to create media and distribute Guiding Narrative-based brand stories on your behalf.  

(Good option for companies with small communication staffs or without regular agencies.)


Conduct surveys, focus groups, ethnographic observation and interviews, predictive analytics, and secondary research to support your marketing and organizational change efforts, as well as segment targeting. Drawing on 25 years’ academic and professional research experience, we can perform research for you or interpret and make best use of the data you have.

Designed with all organizations in mind.

Metro Tribal designs Guiding Narrative® Brand Insight Platforms that work for organizations of any size, mission, or budget.