The Only Story That Matters℠ (TOSTM℠)


Our work over the years has confirmed for us that in a new age of digital storytelling around brands, the only story that matters is the story that customers, or groups of customers, tell themselves, everyday (about the world, stuff in their environment, your brand!) — a narrative that guides every choice they make. We help our clients identify and tell that story in may forms, which enables the client to connect its brand to its public, and build a tribe around a narrative the includes its brand as a key symbol.

We plan to develop TOSTM-based materials that will help you develop the same skill of identifying the story customers tell themselves, a skill that will ultimately help you to accurately interpret market trends and respond in an effective way.

The materials will be business/organization materials sort of, but the kind that frames most business situations as life situations. Therefore, they have implications for all human relationships — as citizens, leaders, parents, friends, and significant others. We hope you’ll like them. We think you will.