Tribal as Constant Amid Social Media Craze


OK. So I’ve read two interesting blog posts about how Twitter and Facebook are simply channels. And that’s it.  Communication channels.  As in just because you tweet or just because you load your timeline up with really interesting stuff doesn’t mean it will have any effect on the audience you’re targeting.  So if you build it, they may come, but they may not respond like you want them to.  Do you agree?

One of the keys to Tribal Leadership  in the social age is that you treat social media as a means, not an end.  Soon, the term “Social Media” will disappear from the common lexicon and will be replaced simply with “media.”  The “social” will become ubiquitous.  Part of the woodwork. Assumed.

So branding yourself today is not about becoming a social media leader.  It’s about being a Tribal Leader.  It’s about connecting with your audience at a level that is meaningful to them.  The channels are there for you to reach them, and them, you.  In other words, focus on what to build, and what to say, and why you are saying it.  Otherwise, being social won’t matter.  It will only amplify any disconnect between you and your audience.

In a world where the latest social media technology grabs our eye and compels us to experiment, the constant is that certain people will “get” other people, and will attract a following, just as always has been, and will always be.  Tribal Leaders in the social age use the media to facilitate and  accelerate the connection they have with their audience.  They see social media in the long view — simply the communication vehicle of the day.  There will be another coming soon.  Stay Tribal, my friends.